Detailed images from the air, with 4K sensors and zoom lens equipped remotely piloted aircraft. Stabilised aerial filming with the DJI Inspire 2 X5S

All images from the UAV can be viewed live through HD monitors on the ground for client direction.

Talk to us also about traditional aerial photography from light aircraft across North East Scotland.


Our experienced team help showcase your work, with particular focus on the marine industry where we excel in utilising remotely piloted aircraft / drone equipment to show the scale of the biggest projects with simple highlight videos.

Our team endure scottish weather, offroad and country terrain, and rough seas to capture some of the world's largest projects - with our footage being contracted for international television and blue chip clients. We are Offshore ready for Oil & Gas (Bosiet).

We combine aerial footage with 4K cameras on the ground and timelapse video to create impressive highlight videos.

We also operate our drones in many other industries, from survey and inspection to marketing and TV. Our operators and equipment are available to cross hire with media and production houses.


Aerial surveys and mapping from UAVs offer high level accuracy and detail at a fraction of a cost, and can cover large areas in a short time.

This data can be used simply to mark accurate progress of a build, or to best calculate mass of stockpiles or area.


With a range of 4K camera types, our drone operators can provide video condition surveys for projects, capturing sites in detail before and after works.

From handheld, to vehicle-mounted, to aerial-mounted - all our 4K cameras are fully stabilised.


With experience providing video data capture in the highlands of Scotland, our team come equipped to deal with the weather - and offroad vehicles to combat the highland terrain in remote places.

We can also vehicle-mount our cameras for road and access track surveys.


Our team have experience in the marine and oil & gas industry, and now provide aerial filming and photography - for mobilisations and projects.

This forms an ideal way to keep your Clients fully informed of project progress through short, impressive videos. We also have an offshore-ready team available.


We operate in safety critical areas such as construction sites, ports and harbours, offshore installations, and near airports.


We are based in Aberdeen, and regularly operate our drones around the UK - from the islands and highlands of Scotland, to ports around England, and projects Offshore.


Our procedures are safety-driven, with risk management and thorough planning. We ensure a safe operation every time while visiting your site or working with your team.

We are members of ARPAS-UK, Drone Safe Register and hold CSCS. We are CAA approved, and NQE qualified to fly small unmanned aircraft systems weighing up to 7kg. 




"Airpro Media worked with us on a particularly challenging and short notice project. It was a refreshing change for us to work with a team who made the whole process of booking drone filming easy from the initial call.


They guided us through the process, helping with the relevant permissions and guidance for filming. They are a lovely team to work with and delivered stunning images which we were absolutely delighted with."

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